What I ate Today

4 Feb, 2018.

Today I ate my left over burger from a place called Duke’s Burgers in Greenside. It was really great. Then I had like left over braai food for supper which was also really great. But this brought up the politics of leftovers. Like someone ate my boerewors and I felt some type of way about it, but then once I got over it, I caught myself reflecting on why something as ridiculous as losing left overs would have the power to make anyone feel like angry or like they have no control over anything in life lol. It just seems like such a stupid thing to get touched about, but I was touched anyway.

Duke’s Burgers: I think this was the Fidel Castro burger.
Duke’s Burgers: I think this was the Marilyn Monroe alcoholic milkshake. Yes you read correctly lol. The perfect drink.

I figure I just have to work on detaching from material goods a bit more.

My friend had a cool burger with really epic onion rings.
Then a non alcoholic milkshake. I think this was a strawberry milkshake.



A Book I Have to Read by the End of This Year

There are many books that I have to have read by the end of this year lol. As a result I have decided to start a book challenge, basically it’s 2 weeks per book but we will see how this goes for Feb and March then take it from there.

Scary challenge because some of the books I want to read are big in size whilst others have a lot more content that you have to break down or reflect on over a period of time. But hopefully I pull through and finish at least 10 nooks this year lol. But hopefully 25 – 32 books by the end of 2018 lol outside of academics.

Will see how it goes.

Just some of the books I want to read this year.


10 Ways to Win My Heart

Well this is a tricky one, this is always changing but I decided to just list the 10 things that come to mind. The people I generally like should have these things on some level, it goes without saying. In no particular order of importance:

1. Smart – not just book smart or street smart but I must be able to learn from you.

2. Funny – know when it’s time to joke and when it’s time to be serious.

3. Foodie / McChef – because the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach lol.

4. Adventurous – must be willing to try new things but also again teach new things.

5. Must care about others on some level.

6. Honest to a certain extent.

7. Must be reliable to a certain extent.

8. Must have boundaries between mates your person – can’t stand people that prioritise their mates over their partners (within context).

9. Must be family orientated.

10. Must be religious or spiritually inclined.

If a person courted me with these things lol I think life would be great ey lol. Not these weaklings of “we’re just talking”.

But anyway dating is a mess and #NoTrash2018 is in full effect lol maybe next year.


If I Won the Lotto

If I won the lotto, as cliché as it sounds I would probably just buy a house, a car, and then invest some of the left over money into different projects or businesses that I believe in.

The reason for this being that in our day and age it’s become much harder for people to invest solely in one passion or industry because of the rapid rate at which technology and careers are changing prominence and changing structurally. Everything is fast paced and everything is easier to access than before which means people don’t just sell their labour or their services anymore but you have to sell yourself as a lifestyle or a brand to get by, in order to stand out from the rest. This means you can’t really afford to put all your eggs into one basket because that one basket (or industry) could become obsolete in a short space of time, thus forcing the need for multiple investments. Capitalism at its peak.

You basically work different jobs for a shorter period of time than before, before you are forced to start your own business or acquire skills in another field to continue feeding the capitalist monster that exists. The exploitation doesn’t even get noticed as full on exploitation anymore because it’s become so normalised. Like it’s normal for you to have expertise in like 5 fields and only get paid one expert’s worth in salary. Whilst joblessness increases and thinking people with families to feed get phased out for computers and machines.

Not to say that technology is all bad but there must be a more sustainable way of doing things that includes the average person in the process.

But I digress. After getting those necessities sorted I would blow a chunk of that lotto money on things I enjoy, or would like to enjoy like travelling or eating lol.

But this only works if you win like a lot of money in the lotto, like if I won R10 mill, I probably wouldn’t be able to do everything I set out to do, but like if I won R50 mill, then things could get moving lol.


A Fruit I Dislike and Why?

I don’t really have one specific fruit that I dislike, because I go in and out of enjoying fruit. However, I would say that the fruits I tend to avoid a lot more are the ones which cause some sort of reaction if I eat too much of them in a short space of time like kwiwi, which sometimes causes my tongue to be sore or pineapple or oranges or bananas which sometimes i react badly to etc.

I donno fruits are kinda great. But in moderation lol.


The Month I was Happiest in 2017

The month where I was happiest in 2017, was probably December because I got to do all the things I enjoy but I also got to catch up with a lot of my friends, hang out with family and I also got to learn new things.

I also had a lot of time to reflect on a way forward for 2018 and I also just had a lot of time to get to know myself again and what makes me tick.

Also it’s just December lol, anytime spent away from campus is probably gonna be 100 times cooler and more healing anyway.


Day 30 (End of Reflections, Wednesday 10 Jan, 2018)

30 days of writing and reflecting have been beneficial. However, even for me I must admit that taking on the task of basically writing 3 posts a day consistently was quite the challenge. This usually meant a reflection based on the day before, with 2 blog posts from different blog challenges. 

Total posts due 90.
Daily reflections due: 30.
Reflections written: 27 (excluding days 22 – 24).
Blog posts due: 60.
Blog posts written: 25
Blog posts outstanding: 35
Did I achieve what I set out to do: yes I started writing more regularly as was the goal.
Did I meet my own expectations: no I faced the occasional writers block but also found the more time I was active outside the less time I had to blog in a day.

Generally at the peak of the 30 day challenge I managed 1 blog post a day (mainly the reflections).

General cheat code for other blog posts: sometimes I would sit for days at a time thinking about what I wanna write then write like 4 blog posts in one day and post two the first day and 2 the second day lol.

Also just timing. Do you post exactly on the day or after the day?

Also reflecting sometimes felt like it was a recap of the day rather than introspection or life lessons.

I was glad I made an effort to use my own photos for like food, and just some stuff that I had done, although for pictures of places and celebs and animals I can only use the ones on the net.

Going forward: 

I will try to finish the last blog posts before school starts lol. A whole 35 in 2 weeks when this took 30 days -gasp- I shall try my best lol.

Next challenge: June maybe.

Let me know what you think.